Why do we wait until the end, to celebrate someone who’s been there since the beginning?
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How it works

Setting up a virtual Living Tribute is easy. Here’s how.

Decide who you want to celebrate. It can be anyone—a teacher, parent, sibling, friend, mentor, boss, relative.
Identify all the people you’d like to join the Living Tribute—it can be as big or small as you want.
Pick a video platform. Besides being the most popular, Zoom is great because it allows you to record your Living Tribute and share it with the group afterwards.
Set a date and time. Send out a calendar invite to everyone you want to include in the Living Tribute (and of course the honoree!). Feel free to write your own or use this template for the honoree, and this for the participants.
Get ready to experience an incredible expression of love, appreciation, and gratitude.
Tell us how it went! We LOVE hearing about your experience.
What people are saying about
Say It Now
"I loved seeing the faces of others
who were touched by our tribute and
of whom I had heard so much about"

Lisa Ligouri, Founder at Happiness Adventure
"The love was tangible through
the screen."

Brandon Harrison, Pastor at Rock Church
"The experience allowed to me to
express things I had been holding
onto for years and had always
wanted to say."

Andrew Zenoff, Founder at Beam Authentic
"When I was listening to others share,
I got so much out of it. It inspired me
to have the impact that the tributes
had on others."

Jake Heilbrunn, Best-Selling Author
"The session was as meaningful
for me as it was for the person
being paid tribute to."

Tim, Founder at Gush
"It was an unbelievably powerful, gratifying, emotional, and spiritual experience."
Jeff Stiefler, Say it Now Honoree
"Hearing the tribute validated the way I have chosen to spend my life. It gave me both peace and joy."
Tom Liguori, Say it Now Honoree
The #SayItNow Movement

In these uncertain times, moments of love, appreciation, and gratitude are more meaningful than ever… so let’s make it global. Share your Say It Now experience on social media using the #SayItNow and #LivingTribute hashtags, and together, we can help make the world a more grateful place.


Interview with Walter Green on "Say It Now" and the Power of Expressing Gratitude.

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