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Do you have pre-written email templates for the people I’m inviting?

You bet. You can use this pre-written template for the person you’re honoring and this for the people participating. Also attached are two additional template options ( Template 2, and Template 3)if the event is a “surprise" to the honoree.  Feel free to create your own.

Why a group?

While one-on-one expressions of gratitude are incredibly meaningful, we’ve found that hearing others share their appreciation alongside you is a uniquely powerful experience. It’s also life changing for the person being celebrated to hear the impact they’ve had across multiple people’s lives. That said, it absolutely doesn’t have to be a group—we just recommend it!

Do you have an example of a Living Tribute I can watch?

Yes, we’ve made one available here.

Can I use any video conferencing platform?

Of course! Messenger Rooms is a new option that is free and lets you host up to 50 people on a call. No account is needed to set up a Room. That said, you should feel free to use whatever video conferencing platform you’re most comfortable with.

I want to customize the message that will be emailed out. Is that possible?

Absolutely. We’ve created a general message with everything they need to know, but feel free to add or change anything you’d like!

Does Messenger Rooms limit the meeting?

No! the meeting can go as long as you’d like.

Can I record the experience?

If you’re using Messenger Rooms, you can “go live” in a small Facebook Group relevant to the person you are giving a tribute to. This allows you to go back and watch the tribute later or share the link with anyone. Other video conferencing services let you record the session as well!

How do I make it so I can see everyone at the same time?

If you’re using Rooms, you can set the view to a grid view and you will be able to see all participants. If you’re using Zoom it’s simple, just watch this short video.

Is there any charge for Say It Now?

Not a cent. We would hope you would share it with others so we can spread the love and gratitude.

No really, what do you get out of this?

Okay, okay, okay. The truth is that we love hearing about your experiences—it validates all the work we’ve done and makes us feel like we’re making a real difference. If you’ve ever done community service or worked with a nonprofit, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

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